Worm Charming and Wormeries

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Yes this really exists! I’d never heard of it before and couldn’t possibly believe it could be true! We did it as part of our Science unit on animals and living things. Firstly we began by sectioning off an area of the school field – only about 3metres by 3metres. We then filled large buckets with soapy water (I’m not sure why soapy?!!?). You simply pour the soapy water on the section of grass and get the children to tap the grass with their fingers – this simulates rain!



Be patient and keep tapping and before you know it, your wiggly little friends will start to appear! Amazing!

image image

We extended this mathematically by estimating the number of worms there might be on the entire school field based on the 3x3m square. They loved this!

After we had collected our new friends, the children worked in groups to make worm farms.


There are lots of examples online but I followed wormery instructions I found on this blog. They actually looked really amazing when they were finished and the kids loved coming in in the morning and adding some leaves for their worms to eat! So much fun!

We were able to link this work to habitats, as well as food chains.

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