Farmer’s Market Project including Persuasive writing

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This is one of the BEST projects I have run with children. This was part of our ‘Allotment’ topic. Children were given the challenge of setting up their own farmer’s market (they had visited one as part of their topic). They began by writing persuasive e-mails to all of the local supermarkets and grocers to ask for food donations – they had decided that the ┬áprofits they made would be split between a local charity and gardening equipment for the class.

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Next the children used online grocery shopping websites to calculate the prices they should set their items at. This was brilliant as it used lots of maths skills such as converting measures, division, multiplication and calculating using money. We waited eagerly for responses to our e-mails and were so chuffed when we were offered donations. The children then thought about the logistics such as how to lay the farmers market out, money for floats, when during the day it would run and how to get customers in. They decided to run it during the afternoon and after school so that each class could come and visit and then the parents could visit at pick up time. They set tables out in a long row and covered with large gazebos so that it was like a real market.


The children had to advertise the event and made posters and flyers to go home.


They also created labels for each fruit and vegetable with prices on. On the morning of the Farmer’s Market, the food donations arrived and the children just loved sorting them out and adding the price labels.


It was such a success and every child was able to take part. They ran shifts on the stall during the afternoon and then were all allowed to take part when the parents arrived. So much fun for the children and they gained so many skills – but mostly it opened their eyes as to what it means to run a small business or organise a fundraising event. Great fun had by all!

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