Egyptian Mummification Using Fish!! Yuck!


This activity was so much fun – the kids loved it and I was amazed how every single one of them was happy to get their hands dirty pulling out fish guts and organs! Definitely an activity to try and do outdoors though due to the rather icky smell!

I bought 8 mackerel from a supermarket had the children work in groups of 4. I had them all sit around a single desk which worked well so they could all get a close up look (and smell!!). I gave them the opportunity to not take part if they weren’t up for it or felt sick, but they all saw it through to the end with no complaints at all!

IMG_1759 IMG_1760

We had previously done some work on the mummification process so the children understood the concept of what we were doing before we started. I provided each group with a diagram of the anatomy of a fish so they could try to find the different organs.


We had the canonic jars set up and children put the different organs in the corresponding canopic jar. They all had a sharp knife and a pair of scissors; I made sure I had a teaching assistant for this activity for health and safety reasons!

IMG_1766 IMG_1762

After the fish had been dissected the children rubbed them in salt and oils and wrapped them in linen. We stored them in small plastic boxes but in retrospect I would have put them in sarcophaguses and buried them.

It was such a memorable experience for the children and I would recommend it to anyone studying Egyptians!

Outdoor Maths Using QR Code Loop Cards! Genius.


This is the most simple way of making mundane calculations sooooo much more fun. They take a little bit of time to set up, but once you’ve got a set and laminate them you can share and swap with colleagues and use them again each year. Basically, you can choose any mathematical questions for children to answer on these loop cards but they have to scan the QR code to access the questions. The QR code loop cards can be spread around the school grounds so that children have to run around in groups, find and solve the mathematical questions on the loop card.

You will need a QR reader app which is easy to download from the ‘App Store’

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Rainbow Books

image imageLike foldables, rainbow books are just a fun and different way for children’s to show what they know. Rainbow books can be used in any subjects, prepared in advance or made by the children (some good cross-curricular maths opportunities!)

3D Habitat

Children in my class loved making these 3D Triorama habitats! They needed a template to guide them with folds and cuts which was simple to make! This website was brilliant for giving the children ideas about what their chosen habitat would look like and what to include. You can get instructions on how to make a Triorama here. I just left the flap on at the bottom so that children could add written information.
3D Habitat

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